Before the pandemic

Pre 2020, I had a “normal” 9 to 5 and I knew where my money (which was mostly in Nigerian Naira at the time) went. Measuring the value of something was more straightforward as central banks used data on inflation and unemployment to adjust interest rates and keep fiat circulation to reliable levels.

The inflow of money into startups, stocks, real estate, bonds, and cryptocurrency could be justified as fiat regulation systems based on the laws of demand and supply were in place for countries mainly seen as financial powerhouses. Here are the interest rates and inflation data of some…


Building single page applications using plain JavaScript can be a bit daunting. Frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue.js were created to provide a better platform to build both mobile and web applications. Vue offers a lot of awesome features that make web development totally worth it. In this post, we are going to learn how to build a single page application ― in this case a Zip Code finder app, with Vue. In case you were wondering, this is what our app will look like when we are done:

Creating our Vue Project

There are a number of ways to use Vue…

Calculate… it’s all we seem to do all the time. From planning budgets and getaways to what’s left in our 401k account, it all involves a bit of calculation. It’s no different for software developers too; we calculate when we build stuff. Right now that “stuff” we’re going to build step by step, and patch piece by piece, is a scientific calculator.

Now this won’t involve APIs which makes it very concise and easy (or kind of tricky) for us. Skills you’ll need are a good command of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Use your imagination, we’re going to be doing…

For the thousandth time, you test! On Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Midori (wait, what the hell is that?) and Internet Explorer (even though we laughed at the memes, we’re all to scared to pull the plug and leave our dear IE out of the equation). For mobile and web; you’re leaving no stone unturned here. Your app is going to change the world! It’s going to change how humans control machines - or how machines control humans (there’s no limit to how crazy these ideas can get, believe me). … [Oops!]

Gaming… It’s a word that quite a number of us can connect to, from Nintendo’s Game & Watch of the early eighties to PlayStation 4 where we are now, we’ve been part of this ride and we’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Apart from being players, quite a number of us love to watch and for this reason, live streaming of video games; what began as a hobby for most, is now a global enterprise. Together we’ll walk through a step by step process of creating your very own live gaming platform.

What we want. . .

We’re going to make a list of what…

Ever stared at your code and thought: “Wow this is really messy”, semicolons here, square and curly brackets there. Sometimes we painstakingly try to clean things up, but who wants to clean 300 lines of JavaScript (more often than not, it probably wasn’t even created by you)?

Enter Prettier: Prettier is simply a JavaScript formatter. Designed by James Long, it supports languages like JavaScript (ES8 included), TypeScript, JSX, Flow, JSON, GraphQL and even CSS.

Tech is aimed at solving problems… as well as taking existing solutions and perfecting them (or at least trying to perfect them, nothing’s perfect folks). It’s for this reason that we examine every niche of life with the objective of identifying a problem and solving it. It’s for this reason that today; we’re going to build a mini encyclopedia (Yeah a “mini” one, the main stuff bores people to death. We want information… but not too much).

So like it is with every “building”, let’s make a list of what we actually want from our encyclopedia:

  1. We want our encyclopedia…

Trying to decide if a string may or may not be found within another string? The includes() method is perfect for this purpose, it checks for the presence of a string in another (longer) string, returning true if the string is found or false if otherwise.

SYNTAX: str.includes(searchString[, position])


searchString : The string we are searching for within the larger string.

position: The position at which we begin to search for searchString. This position’s default value is 0. This parameter is optional when implementing the method.

Case Sensitivity: The includes() method is case sensitive. …

Making the most of your sphere with JavaScript

Summer’s here! 🌞 We all know how unpredictable the weather could be during this period, one moment it’s Helios flooding everywhere with his rays, the next it’s raining cats and dogs. In time like this (and other times too), you need to stay not just one, but ten steps ahead of nature. What’s going to keep you going? Not an umbrella, not sunscreen…..but….. A WEATHER APP!

Great news! I bring to you, “THE” weather app; created out of the desire to learn more, what started out as a side project is actually going to be your Superman this summer.


Raphael Ugwu

Writer, Software Engineer and a lifelong student.

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